"Wander" in SONY Award-Winning Film

Thrilled to share today that my song "Wander" is now a soundtrack in the documentary "IN COD WE TRUST" which has just won the SONY Future Filmmakers Award. 

Produced by yours truly, you can hear “Wander” for over two and half minutes during the climactic ending of the movie.  It was a fun experience to film score, “Wander,” for this movie.  Head here to listen to a clip.  Watch scenes from the movie on Youtube here.

Additional awards won by this film include awards at the Salem Film Fest and Redstone Film Festival, and it was nominated and screened at a number of film festivals including the Montreal Independent Film Festival. 

You can read more here about the amazing duo, Seonghoon Eric Park and Raphael Edwards, who produced this movie - now on IMDb - about the struggles of the fishing industry in Gloucester in the face of climate change.




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