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Radical Acceptance

When one pursues a passion like music, or any passion, sometimes one gets hurt in the process.

Whether it’s through forces in one’s control or outside of one’s control that this happens, I think there’s value in the idea of…

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“Instant Vacations”

The American actor, Milton Berle, once said that “laughter is an instant vacation.”  However, what other kinds of instant vacations can be had in today’s strung out world?

I don’t know about you, but planning my last vacation was a…

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Five Inspirational Quotes

Strive for excellence, not perfection. – Anonymous

Alway forward, never back. – St. Junipero Serra

Just do it. Do it again. Do it better. – Anonymous

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. –…

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Life as a Teen Poet

Among my memories, I’ll share that I started out as a teen poet who was a part of a poetry group called the Live Poet’s Society, founded by Barbara Donovan. I used to go to poetry meetings once a…

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My Songwriter’s Story

Instead of my saying that I had a hard early life, I’ll just say that there are, sometimes, parts of life that one feels like they could just white out and paint all over. 

And yet perhaps, if one looks…

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New Instagram Channels

Although this post is a bit off of the beaten path today, I am happy to announce that I have created brand new instagram channels so as to better serve my fans with particularly special interests in my classical music…

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Singing through the Pain

One of my songs which has not been recorded yet, “Hillsong,” would unexpectedly bring me to tears every time that I rehearsed it.

I must confess that it got to the point where I sometimes could not even continue with…

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Joy for the Journey

Thus far, a lot of grit, toil, and faith has gone into the making of my band, Isabel and The Whispers’, new upcoming singles and album, Isabel and The Whispers 2 – WANDER, which I first planned with my…

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The Gift of Bandmates

It’s possible that I have never been as excited as I am now to meet my bandmates from Isabel and The Whispers this summer. 

The subject of bandmates is an overlooked one in this world of solo-glorifying musicians. There’s precious…

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How I Write Songs

Being asked how I write my songs is like being asked why is the sky blue, or where do babies come from, or why do snail shells have a concentric shape?

Writing songs to me is about much more than…

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The Mystique of Songwriting

I was once asked to teach songwriting to others, and the thought of doing this struck terror into my heart.

Years back, you see, I had taken a songwriting class, and actually found myself in the position of having to…

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Featured in THE WESTFIELD NEWS Today

Today, you can read an article with news about me in The Westfield News as an artist teacher who has received grant support from numerous organizations. Check it out here!

These organizations are: the New England Musicians Relief Fund…

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My Interview of American Poet, A.R. Ammons

While I was an undergraduate at Cornell and well before my songwriting days, I had the good fortune of getting to know the late and great poet and two-time winner of the National Book Award, A.R. Ammons.

At the time…

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A Friend to Isabel and The Whispers

I first met George through my sister who got to know him at F.I.T. Over the years, he has been a musical hero of a roadie for my band, Isabel and The Whispers, who has helped us with everything from…

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