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Josefina's Story Continues

After all of these years, the muse behind one of my most popularly received songs ever beckons me onward to new reinterpretations of "Josefina," and it delights me to know that listeners are enjoying them.  

"Josefina" is a…

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My Public Outreach Lately

Here is a heads up to my listeners, fans, and all friends in music that I am making my best efforts to reach as many folks out there as possible, especially as new releases of mine loom on the horizon…

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The Power of Love in Song

I was recently humbly reminded of the power of love at work in my songs.

Much more interesting to me than simply writing "commercial" songs, is the potential to truly communicate in songs.  To ponder the object of my love…

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Listening Very Closely

It's been a tough mission to bring new music out to listeners, especially following this pandemic which has really shifted the world and people and mindsets.  

Nevertheless, for one moment in time, I put everything aside, dropped everything and just…

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Back to the Studio

It was great to head back to the recording studio this past autumn weekend and work with my engineer producer, Zach, on remixes of "Josefina."  

In fact, this is my first time really collaborating with a producer as a budding…

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Why I'm Starting this Blog Here Today...

This new in-house blog of mine is being started by me on my artist website because my Wordpress blog has not been going in a direction that's desirable to me. 

While I appreciate the help of Wordpress in getting my…

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