The music of Isabel Marcheselli's band, Isabel and The Whispers, can justifiably be called magical - 10/10!"”

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indie chronique - french music review of isabel's dance single, "house of dreams." for the original French review,  click here.  for the english translation, click here.


EXCESS MAGAZINE -  isabel and the whispers deliver a fantastic album between indie pop and  modern jazz (IN GERMAN), CLICK HERE


Got Music Talent - Interview with Isabel Marcheselli on Her New Releases and More, click here


STEREO STICKMAN - music review of Isabel and the whispers' track "DOT TO DOT," CLICK HERE


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radio Interview on Rap it out

In a music interview available on Apple, Spotify and other platforms, I go into a lot of fun topics with my charismatic show host, including my songwriting process, my upcoming new album, how I first got into music, collaborating with my bandmates, shout outs, music advice from me, and this hour long interview ends with an mp3 play of my demo "Josefina Remix!"  (The Mexican reference is just a joke as I am not Mexican, lol!) .  By the way, this interview made the top 10 "most listened to" interviews of the show's Season 2 of 2022.

radio Interview on The songwriter show

It was such a pleasure to be interviewed by fellow singer and songwriter, Sarantos, on his radio show broadcasting out of Chicago, Illinois.  In this interview, I go into the craft of songwriting, a topic ever close to my heart.  Enjoy!