My Valentine's release

Excited to release the digitally remastered version of my love song, "Dot to Dot," performed by my band, Isabel and The Whispers, with Octavio Padron on lead electric guitar and Alec Menge on drums, and yours truly on piano and vocals.  Now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major platforms.  Also stream on Youtube here.


The stuff of dreams…

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary since the initial release of my song, "Josefina," this synth pop remake with vocals has been musically produced by none other than yours truly. It's a velvety, ethereal ode to dream pop lovers, moonlighters, night owls, and anyone anywhere waiting for the sunrise.  Now on Spotify here. Have a listen also on Youtube.


The classical “Josefina”

Newly released and most inspired by the music of Tchaikovsky and Mozart, experience a whole new enchanting take on “Josefina," one of Isabel and The Whispers most popular songs.

It reminded me of sitting at a bistro in Paris. It's sophisticated and bodied.” - Anitra Jay, acoustic soul singer-songwriter (on "Josefina - Jazz Arrangement")


Lyrical jazz with pizzazz

My song, "Josefina," and its dazzling jazz arrangement is now available worldwide on Spotify and other music playing platforms.  First released in 2008 on my band's self-entitled album, Isabel and The Whispers, and now arranged and performed by Argentinian, virtuoso jazz artist, Francisco Peragallo.  Offering up a charge of joy, soul, and verve, this track is spreading far and wide from New York to Japan.  Stream it on Spotify here or on Apple Music or on Youtube.

 A refined take on dream pop, Isabel & The Whispers embrace a nighttime world of wonder...For their clear love of chamber pop, there are nods to Beach House’s output. Indeed, Isabel’s vocals do share a bit of similarity with the unhurried, lovely grace of Victoria LeGrand...”

— Beach Sloth Music Review of Isabel and The Whispers Album