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Recorded with my band, Isabel and The Whispers, (piano/vocals - Isabel; drums - Alec Menge; guitar - Octavio Padron).  This album features original piano pop and folk music that launched our band in New York. Download on itunes, Apple Music, or listen on Spotify.

Sheet Music

This arrangement by me for the piano of this beautiful, Spanish composition - usually performed on guitar - is  brought to you in detailed, reader-friendly sheet music.  Perfect for recitals and weddings.  Visit SMP Press to download it and start playing today!

Contemporary Music in the Classical Style

Contemporary Music in the Classical Style

Poetry and Song Lyrics

My book, Heart's Eye, features over twenty years of nature and personal poetry and song lyrics composed by me, including lyrics from songs off of my album, Isabel and The WhispersStart reading it by purchasing your copy on Amazon.  (Also available on Kindle.)  You can also check out my interview of the late and great A.R. Ammons (two-time National Book Award winner for poetry) on Youtube. Click here to view.

Poetry and song lyrics

Poetry and song lyrics

Photography and Original Art

This book follows me in my nature travel across the country over the years and shares my original art work (acrylic, watercolor, tempera, oil) that is not to be found anywhere else.  Grab your copy on Kindle by clicking here.

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