New album coming out soon!

New album coming out soon!

Isabel is a singer, songwriter/composer, pianist, multi-instrumentalist and lead singer of the band, Isabel and The Whispers. 

The daughter of South American immigrants, Isabel was born in New York City and overcame many obstacles in life on the way to finding her voice as a musical artist.  Nevertheless, her father, an engineer who served NASA, always encouraged her to dream and to reach for the stars.  

Following her B.A. degree from Cornell University, Isabel attended Mannes School of Music and Hunter College, and worked on her major in music while also studying piano with renowned artists, including Naxos-recording pianist Xiayin Wang.

A gifted singer, songwriter, poet and wordsmith as well as a versatile musician, Isabel has musically crossed so many genres and her eclectic scope of music continues to evolve and defy easy categorization.  While she was trained as a classical musician, she can just as easily create music in mass-appealing genres such as pop and dance.  

Isabel is a member of Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) who is regularly booked for performances, collaborative projects, and much more.  

Her creative philosophy is to stay open and to stretch herself across new frontiers to keep things fresh and exciting for herself, her musical collaborators, and her audience. 

Isabel is currently working on new releases, including a new album, to be made available soon on musical platforms.