New album coming out soon

Welcome to my home in cyberspace!  I'm Isabel Marcheselli, a singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and front-woman of the band, Isabel and The Whispers.  

The American born and raised daughter of South American immigrants, I overcame many obstacles on the journey to finding my own voice as a musical artist, however, my father, now a retired electrical engineer who helped NASA send satellites into outer space, always taught me to shoot for the stars.

A little more about myself is that I earned my college undergraduate degree from Cornell University and studied music at Mannes School of Music and at Hunter College, as a second degree music major.  My piano teachers have included concert pianist and Naxos recording artist, Xiayin Wang, and Billboard artist and pianist, Josh Wright.   

As an ever evolving artist, my philosophy is to stay open to art and life and to stretch myself across new frontiers and genres in order to keep things fresh and exciting for myself, my musical collaborators, and my audience.  

Some exciting news from me is that I am currently working on new singles and a new album to be made available soon on musical platforms!  My upcoming recordings will be made available thanks, in part, to generous support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.