Born in New York to a fashion designing mother and a father who served NASA as an engineer, Isabel is a versatile artist based in Westfield in western Massachusetts whose music has been loved by many. 

After earning her degree from Cornell University, she pursued musical studies at Mannes School of Music and, afterward, second degree music major studies at Hunter College.  Her private piano teachers include Xiayin Wang, celebrated concert pianist, and her vocal teachers include Edel Sanders.

For over fifteen years, Isabel's ever-evolving and protean talents as a singer and pianist (with the organ and guitar as her secondary instruments) have called her repeatedly to perform music, including her own original songs for piano, at countless venues throughout the Northeast.

Isabel, a composer and member of Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI), is an artist who is regularly booked for events including concerts, weddings, church ministry, and corporate events. drawing fans and praise for her music full of beauty, inspiration, and soul.  She is also hired as a collaborative pianist and is a professional music minister on multiple instruments (voice, piano, organ, guitar) for the Archdiocese of Springfield, MA.  Isabel is also a nationally certified piano teacher.

A fun fact about Isabel is that she has also published a book of nature poetry and personal verse, Heart's Eye, available on Amazon.