discography & credits

Your Eyes - My original love song.  Official single release, May 18, 2024.


Dot to Dot (Digitally Remastered) - Digitally remastered track that was first released on my band's album, Isabel and The Whispers, in 2008.  Official release, February 2, 2024.


Josefina (Remix) - The synth pop vocal remake of my song, “Josefina,” that was first released on the Isabel and The Whispers in 2008.  Official release, November 4, 2023.


Josefina (String Quartet Arrangement) - The classical adaptation of my original song, "Josefina," arranged for a string quartet.  Official release, September 9, 2023.


Wander - Soundtrack in SONY Award-Winning Future Filmmakers documentary, IN COD WE TRUST.


Josefina (Jazz Arrangement) - Featuring my original song, "Josefina," and its jazzy arrangement arranged and performed by Francisco Peragallo.  Official release, June 17, 2023.

Dot to Dot -  Film soundtrack in EWTN travel documentary series, THE FAITHFUL TRAVELER, broadcasting via television and internet worldwide.


Isabel and The Whispers - Featuring eight of my original songs for piano recorded by my band, Isabel and The Whispers.  Released in 2008 and on Spotify here





High Horse 


Do you Have to See Me Cry?

Dot to Dot


Flute Path - Featuring my guitar playing for music composed by flautist, Naomi Rabinowitz.  On Spotify here

Song Without a Name


Figures Seeking Ground - Featuring my back-up vocals in a duet with singer-songwriter, Amiel Leshnik.  On Allmusic.com here

No Game to Play


We Are The Defenders - Featuring my back-up vocals for songs by the late singer-songwriter, Thomas Breeland.  Limited edition.

Caught by Surprise 

I Will Care