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The music of Isabel Marcheselli's band, Isabel and The Whispers, can justifiably be called magical - 10/10!"”

EXCESS Magazine (Deutschland)

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Recorded with my band, Isabel and The Whispers, (piano/vocals - Isabel; drums - Alec Menge; guitar - Octavio Padron).  This album features my original piano pop and folk songs that launched our band in New York. Download on Apple Music and Spotify.


Isabel and The Whispers - Featuring Isabel's original songs for piano recorded by her band, Isabel and The Whispers. Piano/Vocals - Isabel Marcheselli; Drums - Alec Menge; Guitar - Octavio Padron; Bass - Soils Minor.  

Flute Path - Featuring Isabel's guitar playing for music composed by flautist, Naomi Rabinowitz. 

Figures Seeking Ground - Featuring Isabel singing back-up vocals in a duet with singer-songwriter, Amiel Leshnik. 

We Are The Defenders - Featuring Isabel's back-up vocals for songs by the late singer-songwriter, Thomas Breeland.

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