T Minus 10 Days to Josefina (Remix) Release

Today, I am thrilled to announce the 10 day countdown to my first vocal release in years, “Josefina (Remix),” a release which essentially expounds upon my band's release of “Josefina” back in 2008.  

It's been some three years of work on this remake and a long haul getting this production out to listeners, and I am grateful to the engineers who have assisted me with this release.  

It's the kind of track you listen to at night, maybe while on a night ride, or maybe just spacing out, and that's why I call it “midnight pop.”  It's not in the typical groove of most music you hear today. Somehow a heart has to be ready for it…to experience its dreamy and dancing invitation.  

It is also my first release as my own producer, and I really wanted much more percussive expression for “Josefina” than ever, in addition to strings.

After this release, I am looking forward to releasing more music in the new year.  Meanwhile, I would like to humbly thank listeners who have let me know in various ways that they are enjoying my two releases to date, which are  Josefina (String Quartet Arrangement) and Josefina (Jazz Arrangement).  Glad to hear it and there's more to come on Spotify, Apple Music and other sites, so follow me on these platforms to stay in the loop!



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