Celebrating the release of "Your Eyes"

Today, I look back and marvel at the epic journey that resulted in the recording of my newest love song to be released on Spotify, “Your Eyes.”  This all-new release is a romantic meditation and a kind of mystery to me.

I won't mind sharing that the writing and composing of this song fell on me all at once, like many other songs I have written, including “Josefina" and "Dot to Dot.”

More about this song is that it was written many years ago, before the release even of my first album, and my band, Isabel The Whispers, performed this song more than once in New York City.  In fact, I remember performing it at the legendary venue Don Hills before that venue closed.

It looked like this song was going to be forgotten about, but then during the pandemic the inspiration came to me to finally record it along with a set of other songs of mine.  A long and winding artistic journey ensued which involved the reunion of Isabel and The Whispers and my recording at an amazing studio here in Massachusetts.  

However, this was only part of the picture as the recording underwent further, detailed production in collaboration with my Canadian producer who had a lot to contribute to the recording.  It was great to be directly involved in every stage of the production of this track, and I worked with a vibrant team of engineers and musicians in the making of this release.

Despite all kinds of trials and setbacks, this track is seeing the light of day finally, and may it touch hearts and do what music does best.



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