Celebrating the release of "Your Eyes"

Today, I look back and marvel at the epic journey that resulted in the recording of my newest love song to be released on Spotify, “Your Eyes.”  This all-new release is a romantic meditation and a kind of mystery to…

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On singing and songwriting

As a recording artist, recording vocal music takes a special significance because I am not a singer with any kind of huge, belting voice.  In fact, my voice is on the delicate side. 

Though I love orchestration in my songs…

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Ways to Show Your Support

At times I get asked by folks how they can show their support, and this thought means a lot to me and I am touched by their consideration.

Ways to show support for my work include streaming my music, purchasing…

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Back to Isabel and The Whispers

Today, I am sharing that I am changing my band name back to, Isabel and The Whispers, probably because it was creating a little confusion to change it to Bella Moone, my band's planned new name.

Our repertoire…

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My Next Show

Today, I am stoked to announce my next upcoming LIVE outdoor show at ARTS FEST BEVERLY in Beverly, Massachusetts this spring!

Coming out of a period of intense recording after the pandemic, I plan to perform songs from my upcoming…

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A Journey of the Heart

It became clear to me recently that each track of mine released has presented for me a journey of the heart.  

Before last summer, I hadn't released music in a while (not counting “House of Dreams," an EDM experiment).  As…

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It's Release Week for "Dot to Dot!"

Just ahead of Valentine's Day, I am so excited to announce the upcoming release of my song, “Dot to Dot (Digitally Remastered),” this upcoming Friday, February 2nd on Spotify, Apple Music and other major platforms.  

Collaborating with engineers, it was…

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Merry Christmas & Silent Night Video

In this post, I just want to wish all blog readers, fans, and friends in music a very merry Christmas and happy new year!

To celebrate this occasion, my band, Bella Moone (formerly known as Isabel and The Whispers) got…

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T Minus 10 Days to Josefina (Remix) Release

Today, I am thrilled to announce the 10 day countdown to my first vocal release in years, “Josefina (Remix),” a release which essentially expounds upon my band's release of “Josefina” back in 2008.  

It's been some three years of work…

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Thank you, Spotify Listeners

Today's blog post is just to convey my sincerest and heartfelt thanks to my Spotify listeners everywhere who are liking, playlisting, and sharing my releases to date “Josefina (String Quartet Arrangement)” and “Josefina (Jazz Arrangement)."  Shout out to all of

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