Thank you, Spotify Listeners

Today's blog post is just to convey my sincerest and heartfelt thanks to my Spotify listeners who are liking, playlisting, and sharing my releases to date “Josefina (String Quartet Arrangement)” and “Josefina (Jazz Arrangement)."  Shout out to all of you everywhere, especially in France, Australia and New York!  

I am relatively new to the Spotify community in that my first album of my original songs, Isabel and The Whispers, was released in 2008 during a time when Spotify did not exist.  

Thanks to rigid platform rules and policies that make no sense, I have been unable to access this debut album of mine on Spotify and, as a result, am unable to make any changes or updates to my band's channel and profile!

So it is truly a new sensation for me to now be able to connect with listeners on Spotify!  Your listening and appreciation mean a lot to me and my collaborators (and to “Josefina," too, lol!).

The instrumental releases that I have made up to now are precursors to upcoming releases of more of my original songs and compositions ahead.

All this to say, keep listening and sharing and know that all of my appreciative listeners are thought of as friends in music and there's much more music to come including my Josefina (Remix) (I tell you a bit more about it in this video here) which I am wildly excited about (you can sample it here), and the countdown is on to its release on November 4th, keep a lookout!






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