Work Continues

Still enjoying the afterglow of my newest release of “Josefina's (Jazz Arrangement),” I am already planning my next album to be released very soon.  

With the help of my music team, as I work to reach new listeners, I humbly and heartily thank listeners who are telling me directly that they are loving this fresh and new jazz arrangement for piano solo of one of my band's most beloved songs.  This track is also getting play-listed on Spotify and getting radio play, and nothing could please me more.

Nevertheless, while it's easy enough to click on music links from the listener end, a whole LOT of work and TLC has gone into this indie release from the back end!

So, if you haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, it's full of pizzazz and on Spotify here or on Youtube here.  Show your support for “Josefina” by liking, play-listing, and sharing!




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