Official Jazz Release Today, "Josefina"

So excited to announce my first official single release in years!

“Josefina (Jazz Arrangement)” can now be streamed on Spotify today, 6/17/23, and be heard on many other musical platforms worldwide. 

First released in 2008 on my band's self-entitled album, Isabel and The Whispers, this arrangement is the fruit of a dynamic collaboration with Argentinian jazz artist, Francisco Peragallo, who arranged and performed “Josefina” for this recording.  

What I love most about this arrangement is that while it offers a fresh take on “Josefina,” it stays faithful to my song's spirit and melodic structure.

Stream my newest track here.  Show your support and spread the love by sharing “Josefina” with others, save to playlists, and let “her” add some verve and dazzle to your next occasion.



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