Work in Progress

Here is an update today to my appreciated listeners and followers that, since my music team and I are very steeped in the technical work of preparing a lot of music to be released, my video uploads on Youtube and all other social platforms will be slowing down for a spell and all kinds of maintenance operations will be going on everywhere on all of my social media platforms.  

I humbly thank everyone for their understanding about this!

Beyond my VIP Circle, this website - and maybe even this blog - is now truly THE best place to connect with me and to keep abreast of all the latest musical happenings going on with me at this point.  Plain and simple, this site is my central headquarters that aims to offer a much more relaxed and ad-free way of updating listeners with new music and music news.

Actually, I am very excited about future exclusive offerings that will be made available for all (and especially for my biggest fans) via this website and my VIP Circle mailing list, so stay tuned!  




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