Why I'm Starting this Blog Here Today...

This new in-house blog of mine here is being started by me because my Wordpress blog has not been going in a direction that's desirable to me. 

While I appreciate the help of Wordpress in getting my message out there to folks, my most popular post on that blog on "How I Lost 20 Pounds Parts 1 and 2" is not meant to make of that blog any kind of health blog, as the priority of my blogging is music-inspired

So, this blog, Isabel and The Whispers Exclusively, is geared toward folks who would like to more actually join me on my journeys as I get ready to release new music, including my first album of original songs in many years.

Thus, a whole restructuring is happening between my old blog and this new in-house blog where I am bringing my posts from there to here, as well as writing new posts!

In fact, I'm incredibly excited to reclaim my blogging priorities by starting this blog on my own website, at last.  I have always wanted to do this, and there's no time like the present.  So thanks for reading and let's do this!  








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