Ways to Show Your Support

At times I get asked by folks how they can show their support, and this thought means a lot to me and I am touched by their consideration.

Ways to show support for my work include streaming my music, purchasing my tracks on Apple Music, liking, commenting, and sharing my posts on social media, spreading the word about my music, subscribing to my channels and following me, pre-saving my Spotify releases, joining my VIP Circle mailing list, coming to live shows, and joining my street team especially ahead of releases to help me get the word out about new music.  Like any artist, I also love to read fan mail!

For a running list of more ways to show your support, visit my support page on my website here.

Due to the high cost of upkeep of social media accounts, for a period of time, I blocked out commenting on social media posts, however, appreciative comments are now always more than welcome, and going forward I plan to respond to every single one that I can.  



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