A Journey of the Heart

It became clear to me recently that each track of mine released has presented for me a journey of the heart.  

Before last summer, I hadn't released music in a while (not counting “House of Dreams," an EDM experiment).  As such, I had no idea of what awaited me in the endeavor to bring multiple tracks from my treasure chest of releases out to the world. 

It's been, and continues to be, an adventure collaborating with a very talented group of musicians, engineers, music producers, and industry folks to do everything possible to ensure that my music ends up with the listeners that will most appreciate my songs wherever they may be and for however long.  

I am amazed by the ability of music to create a beautiful listening space out of nothing, to fill up space and time with melodies, rhythms, and harmonies, and other cool stuff, and to travel across distances to do everything music can ever hope to do.  

Each track of mine is crafted with a love for beauty and truth - whether comfortable or less comfortable truths - and I can't wait to announce my next pop vocal release soon!  







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