New "Jazz at Noon" Youtube Series

When I am not playing my own music, I very much drop everything to rotate between my playing of jazz and classical music.  So, today, I am happy to share that there's a new "Jazz at Noon" series in development on my Marcheselli Classic Youtube channel, if you haven't already encountered it.  Videos are generally aired around noontime Eastern Standard Time, so set your clocks!

This playlist is a long-awaited compilation of jazz songs that I enjoy singing and playing, and you can listen to my covers of "Tenderly," (newly added!), "The Look of Love," "My Foolish Heart," and "Summertime" (taped in a sunflower garden) along with piano music by Duke Ellington performed with my drummer, Alec Menge.  A spin-off of this playlist has also newly been launched on this channel, my "Jazz, Pop & Broadway," playlist to take a listen to that, too.

You can even take a listen to my own original jazz music such as my jazz variation of "Dancing" my pop song released on my band's self-entitled album, Isabel and The Whispers, the original of which you can listen to on Spotify here

Much more music is scheduled to hit this playlist so subscribe to my channel to stay in the know, and look for show announcements, including livestream shows.  





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