New Marcheselli Classic Youtube Channel & Handle

It was about time that I created my auxiliary channel to feature other music that I do besides my original music.  This channel is Marcheselli Classic!  There are performances on there that showcase music that means a lot to me, including music by Chopin, Debussy, Ravel, Haydn and Bach, and I plan to have more French music up on there in the future.  Also, I am excited by the new "Jazz" and "Jazz & Broadway" playlists created since I have found myself playing so much Broadway music over the years for musicals, choirs, and other occasions.  It's truly going to be this fun and happening place for all of the other music that I whip up in between my singer-songwriterly shows.  It's my wish that people encounter it, enjoy it, and let me know what they're liking on social media.  By the way, that new Youtube channel handle is @marcheselliclassic and to head over to that channel, click here.

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