"Spanish Romance" on Instagram

Lately, I am delighted to know that folks have been responding to my "Spanish Romance" reel on Instagram.  Just to share a quick backstory, I created this arrangement of the "Spanish Romance" after hearing this piece on the guitar.  It really made me want to bring this piece to the piano, so I did my own arrangement, so as to bring all the lyricism and yet delicate simplicity of this piece to the piano.  I had the occasion to play it for a wedding which was thrilling because it was a small, wintry wedding and this piece added to the magic of the ceremonial preludes.  If you would like to play my arrangement, which is very accessible to intermediate piano students, please find it on SMP Press by clicking here.  By the way, join my Marcheselli Classic Instagram community by following me here @marcheselliclassic.


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