Hispanic Heritage Month Music

Am glad to share that, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I posted two videos on my Official Artist Youtube Channel and my "covers" channel, Marcheselli Classic on Youtube, respectively.  

On my official artist channel, I posted a Youtube short of my performance of my original "Spanish Song" with my band, Isabel and The Whispers, featuring Alec Menge on drums and Scott Gleason on bass and yours truly on guitar and vocals.  This song was inspired by South American music that I grew up listening to at home.  

On my "covers" Youtube channel, I posted a "short" of my "Spanish Romance" piano arrangement of this folk piece which is, traditionally, played on the guitar.  I was dying to bring it to the piano and, as a result, created this sheet music which is now available for others to play, and you can download it to add to your musical repertoire by clicking here on SMP Press.  Makes great music for concerts and weddings.

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