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New "Jazz at Noon" Youtube Series

When I am not playing my own music, I very much drop everything to rotate between my playing of jazz and classical music.  So, today, I am happy to share that there's a new "Jazz at Noon" series in development…

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More about "Marcheselli Classic"

I have always imagined doing more of a blend of my original music as well as other people's music in my shows.  Nevertheless, as time has gone on, I have sometimes found that my listeners have split into camps with…

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New Marcheselli Classic Youtube Channel & Handle

It was about time that I created my auxiliary channel to feature other music that I do besides my original music.  This channel is Marcheselli Classic!  There are performances on there that showcase music that means a lot to…

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Upcoming Christmas Live-Streamed Concert!

I am happy to announce an upcoming concert featuring myself on piano and Donna Nathan Tran on violin, playing a selection of Christmas and classical compositions.   Don't miss it!  

To join us for this very special live-stream event, you will…

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"Spanish Romance" on Instagram

Lately, I am delighted to know that folks have been responding to my "Spanish Romance" reel on Instagram.  Just to share a quick backstory, I created this arrangement of the "Spanish Romance" after hearing this piece on the guitar.  It…

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A Great Pleasure to Have Performed in Springfield

What a pleasure and privilege it was to present my Chopin lecture-recital to a charming and intimate audience at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Springfield yesterday!  

Am so grateful for the warm and friendly welcome that I received…

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Welcome to this new Marcheselli Classic blog!

Hello!  If you have reached this page and blog, I sincerely thank you for your interest.  This blog is part of a more expanded way of reaching listeners out there.  Please check back on this blog as regularly as you…

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