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The Gift of Bandmates

It’s possible that I have never been as excited as I am now to meet my bandmates from Isabel and The Whispers this summer. 

The subject of bandmates is an overlooked one in this world of solo-glorifying musicians. There’s precious…

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How I Lost 20 Pounds

Today, it’s official, I lost 20 pounds over 3 months while working on my upcoming album!

In reality, I have been working on my album over the past year, and there have, indeed, been days when I have been at…

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How I Write Songs

Being asked how I write my songs is like being asked why is the sky blue, or where do babies come from, or why do snail shells have a concentric shape?

Writing songs to me is about much more than…

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The Mystique of Songwriting

I was once asked to teach songwriting to others, and the thought of doing this struck terror into my heart.

Years back, you see, I had taken a songwriting class, and actually found myself in the position of having to…

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Long and Tough Road to Recording

It’s been a long, kind of painful and painstaking road to recording a new album. The pandemic has had the effect of almost wearing us all out, my bandmates and myself, and we’ve had more long-distance communications than I can…

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My Music News in THE WESTFIELD NEWS Today

Today, you can read an article with news about me in The Westfield News as a musician and piano teacher who has received grant support from numerous organizations. Check it out here!

These organizations are: the National Association of…

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My COVID-19 Year in Musical Review

A little under a year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic caused such a disruption in our world and musicians, like myself, have been hit very hard as a result.

My musical life and studio could haven given in to dejection, paralysis…

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I am overcome with gratitude to learn that I have been selected to receive grant support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council as a musician that has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This grant means a lot to me as…

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