Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is your studio?

For online lessons, my lessons are conducted via an online platform, whereas live lessons are conducted at my studio in downtown Westfield.  At this time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am only offering online lessons until further notice.


What kind of students do you teach?

I specialize in teaching beginner-intermediate students, including children, adults,  and seniors.  I also have experience teaching students with special needs.


How long are lessons?  

Lessons are offered in 30, 45, 60 minute sessions; young children are recommended to start at 45 minute lessons and 1 hour lessons are optimal for learning.


What kind of music do you teach?

A variety of musical genres:  classical, pop, jazz, rock, sacred music and more.  Studies in classical music offer an excellent foundation for playing in other genres.


What do students need to bring to their first lesson?

Students need to regularly bring to their lesson a pencil or pen, a notebook, a folder, and a tote to keep notes.  In addition, they will be assigned piano books and sheet music to purchase.  They also need to have a piano keyboard set-up in place and/or a tuned piano at home on which to practice.


How much do lessons cost? 

Please e-mail me for my rates, and I will be happy to get back to you.  


What does my tuition pay for?  

  • An individualized curriculum of piano study tailored just for the student with a nationally certified professional who cares 
  • Sheet music and musical research done especially for the growing needs of the student 
  • Access to a quality acoustic piano in an internet-connected studio supplied with piano teaching games, off-the-bench activities, educational apps, technology for online lessons, and studio prizes/incentives 
  • Studio operational expenses including maintenance, tunings, teaching tools, taxes and more  
  • Teacher's professional development including conferences. professional associations, literature and more


What next step should I take, if I would like lessons for myself or my child?

The next step would be to fill out this contact form and I would be happy to follow-up with you for a required phone interview or call (413) 777-2885 (best time to call is in the evenings after 6pm, or please kindly leave a message or send a text to this number).