Merry Christmas & Silent Night Video

In this post, I just want to wish all blog readers, fans, and friends in music a very merry Christmas and happy new year!

To celebrate this occasion, my band, Bella Moone (formerly known as Isabel and The Whispers) got…

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T Minus 10 Days to Josefina (Remix) Release

Today, I am thrilled to announce the 10 day countdown to my first vocal release in years, “Josefina (Remix),” a release which essentially expounds upon my band's release of “Josefina” back in 2008.  

It's been some three years of work…

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Thank you, Spotify Listeners

Today's blog post is just to convey my sincerest and heartfelt thanks to my Spotify listeners everywhere who are liking, playlisting, and sharing my releases to date “Josefina (String Quartet Arrangement)” and “Josefina (Jazz Arrangement)."  Shout out to all of

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Work Continues

Still enjoying the afterglow of my newest release of “Josefina's (Jazz Arrangement),” I am already planning my next album to be released very soon.  

With the help of my music team, as I work to reach new listeners, I humbly…

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Official Jazz Release Today, "Josefina"

So excited to announce my first official single release in years!

“Josefina (Jazz Arrangement)” can now be streamed on Spotify today, 6/17/23, and be heard on many other musical platforms worldwide. 

First released in 2008 on my band's self-entitled album…

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"Wander" in SONY Award-Winning Film

Thrilled to share today that my song "Wander" is now a soundtrack in the documentary "IN COD WE TRUST" which has just won the SONY Future Filmmakers Award. 

Produced by yours truly, you can hear “Wander” for over two and…

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Why I'm Blogging Here More Often

Providing listeners with quality musical experiences is a mission that remains close to my musician's heart.  

As such, in an ongoing effort to offer my listeners a more enjoyable, more relaxed and ad-free experience of my music, you will now…

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Work in Progress

Here is an update today to my appreciated listeners and followers that, since my music team and I are very steeped in the technical work of preparing a lot of music to be released, my video uploads on Youtube and…

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$5,000 Mass Cultural Council Music Grant

This month of February has found me in a state of overwhelming gratitude for a new musician's grant award from the Massachusetts Cultural Council of $5000, as part of their Cultural Sector Recovery initiative, as reported in The Westfield News.

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Notes from the Digital Underground

My father, now a retired electrical engineer, once admitted to me a while back that he had hoped I would follow in his footsteps and become an engineer, too.

So, if ever dad tried to teach me anything, he taught…

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