New Instagram Channels

Although this post is a bit off of the beaten path today, I am happy to announce that I have created brand new instagram channels so as to better serve my fans with particularly special interests in my classical music and my sacred music, as well as other musical projects of mine over the years.

I decided to muster up the courage to create these auxiliary channels – even if it has meant starting at 0 followers all over again on them – because, as an “eclectic” artist who is ever exploring the creation of new kinds of music, I have struggled, at times, with how to get my music to the right folks who could get thrown off by the wide scope of my musical life.

Even if it comes at some short term pain to me, since there’s more social media to manage, ultimately, I feel this path offers the best long term gain to my listeners from different walks of life and with different needs. I can only hope that folks will rally and find me on these other channels in due time.

Announcing new Instagram channels for followers of my classical and sacred music



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