Singing through the Pain

One of my songs which has not been recorded yet, “Hillsong,” would unexpectedly bring me to tears every time that I rehearsed it.

I must confess that it got to the point where I sometimes could not even continue with the song, and had to stop for a moment. It was tempting to stop my practice and just do something else, like housework, per se, but I decided to stick with it and sing through the pain no matter what.

Then, the song led me to the top of an interior musical mountain from which I could sing joyfully and it became its own reward. It truly became a “hillsong” for me!

I sometimes forget that songs are wonderful and powerful in how they can do this because I had to trust that my song would do what I had arranged for it to do – take me to a higher state, literally.

“Hillsong” – Art by yours truly featured in my book, Unwinding Paths

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