Our Most Shazam-ed Song to Date: Aftersong

Isabel and The Whispers’ most shazam-ed song on Apple Music is theAftersong.”  My bandmates and I sincerely appreciate knowing this!  Not to mention that I am personally touched by this fact, as this was the very first song on which my drummer, Alec Menge, and I collaborated when we first formed, Isabel and The Whispers, many years ago. 

“Aftersong” is a song that I wrote after a break-up that wrung me out and it came to me all at once, away from the piano. This song was the first one that I brought to my rehearsal with Alec and the first song that we ever worked on. The connection between the piano and drumming was instantaneous and electric!

It’s a song about delayed reactions and the interior conversations we can have, long after an actual conversation is over.

What’s different about this song is that there is no bass guitar present in it, and so it’s purely vocals, piano, and drums. I can’t say that I would go back and add the bass guitar to it either even now. It seems to have a sound all its own and so it has been on stage. What I really like about this song is that the drums and piano have the final victorious say even in the face of the loss of a love.

You can check out the official video for “Aftersong” on Youtube here or just click below!

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Check out our new official video for “Aftersong”

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