New Beginnings

Today, I would like to announce that I will be adopting a new band name soon for Isabel and The Whispers is coming to an end as a musical entity as such.

I am happy and proud of what our band has been able to accomplish since we first came into being some 18 years ago and even through the pandemic period.  And I am looking forward to what's to come. 

Though Isabel and The Whispers, named as such, has run its course, I will continue to perform my original music and other music under a new band name.

So my next album might not necessarily be named Isabel and The Whispers 2.

My new band name and album title will better reflect the evolving state of my music.  Though I will still be a singer-songwriter performing a mix of my originals, covers, and jazz, there will be more fusional flavors to my music to surprise and delight my listeners.

On behalf of Isabel and The Whispers, we thank you all so much for your support over the years, and please look for more exciting news soon.





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