My COVID-19 Year in Musical Review

A little under a year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic caused such a disruption in our world and musicians, like myself, have been hit very hard as a result.

My musical life and studio could haven given in to dejection, paralysis and fear, but it did not, and, actually, a TON of powerful and special things have happened this year which I will try to highlight in this blog post.

*My band, Isabel and The Whispers is reuniting and planning work a new album of my original songs, Isabel and The Whispers II! It will be a large album including a dance mix for my popular song, “Josefina,” and it will be much more orchestrated than our debut album which was recorded over a decade ago. This album will be keeping my bandmates and I hard at work, possibly into 2022.

*Youtube consolidated my artist’s channel with my album channel and this has resulted in the creation of my Official Youtube Artist’s Channel which now has lots of new content, including 55 videos to date (and counting!), new lyric videos for songs off of my album, including a dance remix of my song, “Josefina.” This channel features a new vlog and a wide array of playlists which, most recently, included a Valentine’s playlist and a playlist for fans of my classical music and covers that is entitled, Classically Yours.

*In the past year, I have been awarded several musician’s grants that have helped me to continue my work during this pandemic from the following organizations: Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), the National Association of Pastoral Musicians/Liturgical Composers Forum (NPM), the New England Musicians Relief Fund through the Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston, and, last week, from the Massachusetts Cultural Council – for which I am am endlessly grateful.

*As a side note, my piano studio, Marcheselli Music Studio, has also been growing, and I have transitioned into online piano teaching and enjoy it very much! My piano studio is no longer a page on my artist’s website but has its own brand new website at:

*Our band is working with a t-shirt designer on a new line of merch, so please look for our merch on Amazon Merch which will be available for ordering soon!

*I discovered that my album, Isabel and The Whispers, has a 4.7/5 Apple store rating for which my bandmates and I are so grateful to our listeners! Please keep listening to our album.

*This blog, Word Whispers, was launched and new followers are welcome! I also have a new Youtube vlog.

Whew, that’s it for now, and, actually, it’s only the tip of the iceberg! You will need to stay in touch with me via my music links and here for more exciting music news from myself and my band! Check out the video below for some more details thrown in. 🙂

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