Long and Tough Road to Recording

It’s been a long, kind of painful and painstaking road to recording a new album. The pandemic has had the effect of almost wearing us all out, my bandmates and myself, and we’ve had more long-distance communications than I can count.

The silver lining in all of this is that, although I will surprise you with details later, I believe that, after a long search, I have found a wonderful producer-recording studio combo that is keeping me excited about things.

At this point, I find myself in a sort of “spiritual desert” before putting out this album, nonetheless. It hasn’t been easy being an “eclectic” artist all of these years and a lot of fans have left me because I have opened myself up to doing other kinds of music besides my own, leaving me all the more grateful for fans that have remained, and for those who will welcome my newest recordings!

Often, I draw inspiration from a story about Saint Therese of Lisieux to whom Edith Piaf, the French singer, had a great devotion, and that is that Saint Therese said something to the effect that she didn’t just want to collect a few select flowers in a basket, but to run away with them “all.”

And that’s me – music is this kind of flower basket in my heart in which I put absolutely every form of music that I can possibly make! This may be a flowery analogy, but it’s true.

In future posts, lookout for news about upcoming music interviews that will be aired and shared with you.

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News about music interviews coming soon!

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