How I Lost 20 Pounds

Today, it’s official, I lost 20 pounds over 3 months while working on my upcoming album!

In reality, I have been working on my album over the past year, and there have, indeed, been days when I have been at things in such a consumed way such that I’ve forgotten to eat. However, more so, my weight loss has come about as a result of following a more protein-based, vegetable-rich, and low carb eating regimen. In a word, keto.

In fact, this is probably the most weight that I’ve lost on any regimen ever. So I thank the Lord, for this breakthrough!

The musician’s life isn’t always so easy, since one spends extended amounts of time in relatively stationary positions sitting and standing while playing instruments or singing.

On my weight loss journey, I have learned that bread and cheese – my usual favorites – are not my friends and that I am even, to some degree, allergic to them! So it’s been fascinating to discover the potential of new alternative protein-rich and fiber-rich flours such as lentil flours, chickpea flours, and such.

Being a former Manhattanite, daily walks have been immensely helpful and centering, too.

So how will I celebrate this milestone?

I know that I WON’T do so with a cupcake. LOL. How do YOU celebrate life’s milestones in a non-food centered way?

As I sign off today with that question, I will let you know that I, occasionally, like to write about how I lead a life that is more supportive of my music-making, and that includes keeping my health-related goals in mind.

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