Five New Official Music Videos

In celebration of the recent passing of the 10th anniversary since the release of my album, Isabel and The Whispers, I am thrilled to announce the making of five official music videos from my band (Isabel and The Whispers: Isabel Marcheselli – piano/vox; Alec Menge – drums; Octavio Padron – guitar)!

The five songs that are featured in these videos are: “Dot to Dot,” “Josefina,” “High Horse,” “Aftersong,” and “Bird-Man,” some of Isabel and The Whispers’ most popular songs. In my recent interview with Got Music Talent e-magazine, I talk about these videos a bit more as well as offer other musical updates.

My band-mates and I have been pleased with how these videos have come out, and we’ve gotten great responses to them. One of my personal favorites is “High Horse” because of its experimental feel and how it brings dancers into the Celtic undertones of our music!

Usually being on the other side of a piano, I have always shyly admired the work of dancers, especially ballet and experimental dancers, and so having them dance to “High Horse” has been a dream come true. You can check this video out on Youtube at my channel. New subscribers to this channel would be welcomed! Please look for more music news from us soon.

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