“Dot to Dot” Featured on Stereo Stickman

My band-mates and I have come out in a brand new article about our recording of “Dot to Dot” (off of our Isabel and The Whispers album) in the uber cool British music blog, Stereo Stickman.

This press means all the more as I have always had a strong affinity with British music. In fact, I remember having such a strong musical understanding with Doc Martin, a British music radio show host based in Greenwich Village, during a music interview years back on DocRadio.

I can only speak for myself, but I definitely stray from the typical Latino repertoire of salsa and merengue, etc. (boy, did I have trouble spelling “merengue” just now, even!) in favor of more singer-songwriter echoes in my music that bring out the poet in me.

Having grown up during the second British music invasion and fully embracing this music, I love organic drums and, well, I also love electronic drums! Today, Isabel and The Whispers is grateful for this press and you can read the article here about our song, “Dot to Dot,” on the occasion of the recent passing of the 10th anniversary of our album release.

Isabel and The Whispers: Isabel Marcheselli – piano/vox; Octavio Padron – guitar; Alec Menge – drums

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Isabel and The Whispers: Yours truly on piano/keys; Octavio Padron on guitar; Alec Menge on drums

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