Congratulatory Letter from Senator John Velis

Today, as I was getting the mail, I saw a letter from the office of Senator John C. Velis from the State House that caught my attention.

I thought, for sure, maybe it was some kind of health insurance related letter or something like that. However, the letter was pretty thin and the personal handwriting on the front curious.

When I opened the letter, I saw, on beautiful, official stationary that seemed to light up the whole room, a congratulatory letter on receiving my recent grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

How kind to take a moment to personally write a note to us musicians! I have never gotten a personal letter from a senator before and I feel like framing it or something.

Well, gotta get back to work planning the album because it’s a lot of songs to slosh through, including a new one that I am rescuing that is called, “A Long Way from Home” which was written way back.

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Letter most gratefully received

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