A Friend to Isabel and The Whispers

I first met George through my sister who got to know him at F.I.T. Over the years, he has been a musical hero of a roadie for my band, Isabel and The Whispers, who has helped us with everything from moving gear, to flyering, taking band photography and videos, and selling cd’s to fans at our live performances.

Not to mention, George has a wickedly funny sense of humor that has always made for light-hearted times as he has helped me haul my heavy gear from show to show in New York city.

Did I tell you that he is also a very talented illustrator and photographer who takes beautiful city-scape and landscape shots?

Isabel and The Whispers is ever most grateful to George, after all these years, for helping our band with everything in such a jolly way and for adding so much humor and artistry into the mix of our everyday music-making.

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George Monterrosa – artist and band helpmate


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