My "Spanish Romance" at 10K

Yesterday, I discovered to my surprise that my “Spanish Romance” reel that I had posted got some 10K views on Instagram, without my even knowing about it!

I had posted this video in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, and also because it is a piece that I continue to play publicly whenever the occasion presents itself.

In fact, I even created my own arrangement of this piece for the piano, since this composition is, otherwise, so famous for being played on the guitar.  I really wanted a way in on the fun of playing this lyrical and romantic music on the piano, and so I would like for other piano players to enjoy my arrangement, too.

My piano arrangement of this timeless folk piece from Spain, by the way, can weave itself so seamlessly into a piano concert or recital program or set of music played for a wedding. 

This arrangement was partly inspired by my travels through Barcelona, as an undergrad foreign exchange student in Paris during my college years at Cornell.  To this day, I remember the enchantment of hearing the street musicians play their guitars so virtuosically to passer-bys on cobblestone streets in the shadows and in the sunlight.

Anyway, I never know whether to let people just sample this piece or have a listen to the whole thing!  So, if you'd like to sample it, you can find it here on Youtube, or if you'd like to experience the whole piece, please click here.

It is my pleasure to learn that players from around the world have been playing my arrangement which is available for download on SMP Press here.

Just as a casual footnote, the cover for this sheet music is also an original acrylic painting of mine entitled, “The Three Graces.” 




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