The Challenges of Blogging

Currently, I am trying to find my rhythm in my blogging schedule for this blog.  For as long as I have ever had a musician's website, I don't think that I have ever had a blog on my website before quite like this one.

Like everything else, though, it has its own groove and, juggling so many things these days, it can be a challenge to breakaway and reflect on things.  But I certainly don't wish to disappoint my followers who would like more updates from me about what's going on!  

Therefore, I just wish to assure you that I will do the best that I can to offer you music updates as they become available and as I am able.  Maybe I am averaging a good number of anywhere from 1-3 posts a week so far.  We'll see how this keeps playing out!  

It's all because I remain committed to offering my followers a more meaningful space for updates from me than just on social media posts.

On a different note, not too long ago, I was reflecting on the fact that being a musician is a public calling.  Though I can actually be a bit shy, I have rallied myself many a time to do the public work that I am called to do and it's still a pep rally every day! 

Especially in today's world with so much stuff going on out there.  

Still, I think it's important to focus on the good and to keep that focus, and not to just let social media companies decide for me what is good.  I think it's important that people think for themselves.

In an age of so much reality television and exhibitionism, the goal of this blog is not so much to be some kind of big confessional space either, per se, so much as a place to get just a bit more up close with my fans and followers who, otherwise, mostly only hear me playing music and singing in my shows or videos to date.  I do care about my fans and followers and wish to continue to find new ways of showing my appreciation for their support.

So thank you for sharing in this blogging space with me today here at “Isabel and The Whispers Exclusively,” and keep in touch! 






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