Grateful. Blessed.

In today's post which is a follow-up from my previous blog post, I just want to give my humble thanks to the good Lord for my recent $5,000 musician's grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

I have found that having a life of faith has, as much as everything else, helped me to cultivate the sense of purpose and stamina needed for a musician in today's challenging times.  

In the way that albums are trumped by .99 cent tracks, and live shows are trumped by 30 second (or less) online videos, and online music is trumped by ads, the current landscape is an increasingly hostile one for musicians, in general.  And so I count my blessings for whatever gains that I can make to bring new, original music out there to listeners. 

To this end, I can't wait to work on new music with the help of this grant, and much work is in progress.

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