Unwinding Paths

For a handful of years before I actually started writing songs, I painted fine art paintings. Well, this was a point in time when I was searching for my voice.  Along the way, I created a variety of paintings that I enjoyed. These paintings are featured in my book which offers a selection of photography and paintings by yours truly, Unwinding Paths

This book is a sort of visual companion book to my book of poems and songs, Heart's Eye. It really feature a variety of places and moments that have meant a lot to me over the years, ranging from my trips to Long Island to France and Machu Picchu. 

Recently, while taking a hike, I found myself wanting to take a picture of some natural scenery.  Being equipped only with a cell phone camera, albeit a good one, still the beauty of some of the delicate plants around me could not adequately be captured. So I found myself remembering something my dad told me to the effect that the best camera is my eyes. 

In this way, my book, "Unwinding Paths," celebrates treasured moments and places remembered, and you can check it out on Apple here or on Kindle here.


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