My Public Outreach Lately

Here is a heads up to my listeners, fans, and all friends in music that I am making my best efforts to reach as many folks out there as possible, especially as new releases of mine loom on the horizon.  I touch on this in my Youtube video, "Musical Fireworks Lie Ahead." 

I think every artist cultivates their own stand with respect to social media, and I am still finding my way with mine.  This is why I really invite folks to follow me everywhere because, as an indie artist, it can take time before I make my rounds on all platforms with the latest from my end. 

Maybe, out of all of the social media platforms, I find myself having the most enjoyable moments perhaps on Soundcloud because it's really more about the music, and I have found myself pleasantly surprised by how many other night owls are out there ready to listen to my stuff!  I also have great fun testing my work in music production on there, and sometimes have "test tracks" up for just for a few days or a few hours.

One thing, for sure, is that my own website will remain the main headquarters to find out everything that's new with me, although, as I say, folks might occasionally find their share of music to surprise on other platforms.  Meanwhile, have my sincerest thanks for your interest in my music and please stay tuned for more news by regularly checking back here on my website.

By the way, I do have a VIP Circle that you can join to receive more personal musical news and special offers and alerts, and you can join it here.  





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