Introducing Marcheselli Classic

Today, I just wanted to take a moment out to share with folks that I have another Youtube channel called Marcheselli Classic where I post my covers, classical music and jazz, basically all of the music beyond my original music.

It's a channel that I am excited about growing and it excites me when I come across folks who embrace the entire scope of my work between originals and other music that I perform.  And so I invite everyone to continue their walk through my musical labyrinth by following Marcheselli Classic on Youtube, Instagram, and Soundcloud

Also, I have a livestream concert on the horizon on that channel, by the way, and so, by subscribing, you can get a livestream notification about it. My concert with the talented violinist, Donna Nathan Tran, is next month on 12/28, find more details on my web page dedicated to Marcheselli Classic here.


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