The Power of Love in Song

I was recently humbly reminded of the power of love at work in my songs.

Much more interesting to me than simply writing "commercial" songs, is the potential to truly communicate in songs.  To ponder the object of my love and communicate through song.  

I think about how some writer said that the true subject writes itself. I remember this as I worked through a dry spell in songwriting not so long ago.

Sometimes the truth is stunning and inspiring and beautiful to bring to songs, and a song can become a bridge to love, an act of love, the truth of love, and an expression of love all wrapped up in one.

So I am very excited to announce that, joining the queue of my upcoming planned releases are love songs that I have yet not published anywhere to date.  Be on the lookout for these releases, and, in the meanwhile, check out one of my love songs, "Dot to Dot," on Youtube here.  


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