Listening Very Closely

It's been a tough mission to bring new music out to listeners, especially following this pandemic which has really shifted the world and people and mindsets.  

Nevertheless, for one moment in time, I dropped everything and just focused on the mixes for "Josefina" at my recent mixing session with my producer, Zach.  It was thrilling to hear music coming out of speakers that were much better than my car speakers. 

Unlike when listening to music just for pleasure or background music for soothing the nerves, listening to music, from the creating side, can be a very demanding experience.  There's nothing really like it, or maybe it reminds me of scouring a presidential speech for sound and sense during an election year, lol.

With attention spans shortening everywhere, the task even of listening to myself in an extended way ironically required intense headspace from me.  (In the picture below, I am listening to mixes of "Josefina" that are being played back to me by Zach.)  However, as a person of faith, I am grateful that this space was indeed found, and I can't wait to get back to the recording studio again soon to continue work.  



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