Radical Acceptance

When one pursues a passion like music, or any passion, sometimes one gets hurt in the process.

Whether it’s through forces in one’s control or outside of one’s control that this happens, I think there’s value in the idea of “radical acceptance” of oneself and things. This concept from the field of psychology came to my attention recently and I think it has value in a lot of other ways.

This post doesn’t presume to offer any particular psychological insight or advice, but “radical acceptance” seems to be about the idea of accepting oneself and the state of one’s affairs and relationships radically. Meaning, not as one idealizes them, but as they really, really are, and the role, however minor or major, that one sometimes plays in the establishing or maintaining of their own realities and life challenges.

Still, here’s a thought: there’s nothing to keep us from stretching our private realities and growing one’s inner world and not just settling for the limitations of reality as presented to us by any one person, place, or thing.

Don’t artists and dreamers do this anyway?

Nevertheless, radical and unconditional acceptance of oneself, including one’s own weaknesses, can become a starting point and a point of “reset” for the spirit because it’s never too late to challenge one’s assumptions and think fresh thoughts about life situations that can challenge us to the core.

These days my spiritual life is seeing me through such challenging times that I have faced as I continue to work to release my upcoming album, after many setbacks. I have put a lot of things and people ahead of my finishing this album, but there’s a light shining from the end of this tunnel…

If you are not familiar with the concept of “radical acceptance” – as no one ever really talks about it – I encourage you to look it up and talk about it with others. You might find it eye -opening and helpful in its application as a balm to the most challenging situations in your life.

Lately, I am radically accepting the fact that I find it as creatively fulfilling to sing to a ukulele as to a piano or guitar. I used to think of the uke as a kind of provincial instrument to play, however I am getting over this idea because it is just too much fun to play and there’s no room for stuffy presumptions!

So, if you would like to have a listen to my cover on uke of “Summertime,” which I recorded in a sunflower garden last month, click here and you’ll end up on another Youtube channel I have that compliments my official artist’s Youtube channel. I invite you to take a listen to it as it has a chill vibe that celebrates these last days of summer. Would love to hear from you about how you like it!

As a closing thought, is there something in your life that you have to radically and unconditionally accept today?

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Unconditional love of the truth heals. Listen to my cover of “Summertime” here

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