My Songwriter’s Story

Instead of my saying that I had a hard early life, I’ll just say that there are, sometimes, parts of life that one feels like they could just white out and paint all over. 

And yet perhaps, if one looks very closely, one can see the original painting under the painting.

I’ll also mention that I happen to have always also been known as rather literary.  I used to have about 100 notebooks of writing that I eventually destroyed.

I write songs to say things in a way that I can’t say otherwise because if I just wanted to say things straight, I wouldn’t find the need for songs.

Songs and music, in general, challenge speech and writing and all of its rationale. They are an alternative form of communication.

Each track offers a painting under the painting that can barely be seen…because, as an artist, it’s not the mere facts that are of interest to me, it’s everything else that is more interesting to me – that is to say, the subtle, the amorphous, and the intangible “music of things.”

My painting, “Promise,” acrylic on canvas. Find more fine art from me in my book, Unwinding Paths

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