Joy for the Journey

Sometimes, though, as an indie artist, it’s easy to forget why one started out on this kind of creative journey because it can be such a vastly labyrinthine, exhausting, and demanding road.

This is why it’s so fun to meet reporters and radio show hosts, along the way, who give me the opportunity to be reminded of why my bandmates and I have started out on this latest musical journey and to share my excitement about it with the public.

This year, I’ve done several music interviews, and am happy to start sharing with you, dear reader, about them. On this interview published just yesterday, Rap it Out, I chat with my charismatic radio show host about my songwriting process, upcoming new album of original piano pop songs, how I first got into music, collaborating with my bandmates, shout outs, musical advice from me, and this hour long interview ends with an mp3 play of my demo “Josefina Remix!” 

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Check out the first of a series of music interview podcasts this year here



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