How I Write Songs

Being asked how I write my songs is like being asked why is the sky blue, or where do babies come from, or why do snail shells have a concentric shape?

Writing songs to me is about much more than the anatomy of verses, choruses, and bridges that is traditionally propagated in commercial songwriting. I kind of hinted at this in my previous post The Mystique of Songwriting.

It’s about the life-force and the need to communicate not just to some unknown fog of listeners, but to the true person(s) to whom the songwriter is speaking, even if it’s an interior conversation.

Except that maybe there is this sweet spot where one becomes many and many become one, that is to say, where one person can sort of metamorphose into many people as objects of communication.

Recently, one of my bandmates was telling me that we don’t pick our parents and that we don’t pick our kids. Similarly, I think that songwriters don’t pick their listeners except that, in a way, they do.

A song is like a fingerprint. How do you create a fingerprint? Why bother copying fingerprints?

I don’t know about you but what attracts me most to songwriting are enigmas, not formulas.

That’s what makes this craft so worthwhile to me through the years.

Before signing off today, I’m happy to share that recently I was interviewed by Sarantos on “The Songwriter Show” which is syndicated on over 30 channels including iHeartradio, Alexa, and Google Play. You can check out this music interview which aired on 6/8/21 here to listen to more of my thoughts on songwriting and news about my upcoming album, Isabel and The Whispers 2 – WANDER.

I also made this Youtube video about the pleasure of having been on this show which you can view by clicking here.

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