The Mystique of Songwriting

I was once asked to teach songwriting to others, and the thought of doing this struck terror into my heart.

Years back, you see, I had taken a songwriting class, and actually found myself in the position of having to unlearn what I had learned to do in order to feel free again in my songwriting.

So I find that I am no longer a fan of formal songwriting classes and such.

Nevertheless, looking back, I have appreciated the act of learning about songwriting if only to relish breaking the so-called “rules” about songwriting all the more.

A song to write is something of a miracle for me. A free gift from above, and a kind of musical rainbow-sighting. A time to forget about things that hold a singing heart back; not a time to impose restraints that silence.

Songs tend to come to me in their entirety all at once, and thank God for that. In a world, where one has to figure out plenty of other things, I am glad that a song can just drop down on me. Nevertheless, I have benefitted from my own self-imposed songwriting sessions.

For me, the other half of the song arrives when I take it to my drummer and he gives the song a kind of heartbeat. Then it would seem that the song takes on a fuller life of its own, and this is how songwriting is also a privilege of co-creation and a humble fruit of collaboration.

Have you ever written a song or would you try writing one sometime?

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